What Can a Podiatrist Gold Coast Do for You?


If you are currently or have ever suffered from any type of foot problems, there is a very good chance that you have heard or come across a podiatrist in your research.  But just because you have heard of someone, doesn’t necessarily know that you are aware of what they do and how it can benefit you.  Here is everything that you need to know about a podiatrist and what it is that they can do for you.

What Exactly Does a Podiatrist Actually Do?

A podiatrist is going to be a medical specialist that is able to help you with most of the problems that are going to have some type of effect on your lower legs or even more commonly, your feet.  They can not only help treat any injuries that you may have but can also help with any complications that have been caused by any ongoing issues with your health, such as diabetes.  Aside from being referred to as a podiatrist, they are often times more commonly referred to as a podiatric physician, or even a doctor of podiatric medicine.

Is a Podiatrist an Actual Doctor?

A podiatrist is going to be a doctor, however, they are not required to go to one of the traditional medical schools that other types of doctors are required to attend.  This is mainly in part due to the fact that they are going to have their very own specialized schools and associations that they will need to attend.  On top of that, they are also required to have a doctor of podiatric medicine (also referred to as a ‘DPM’) that is attached to their name, as opposed to have a medical doctor (also referred to as an ‘MD’) label.

Conditions That Your Podiatrist is Able to Treat

While there are going to be many different conditions that will lead you to visiting podiatrist Gold Coast Absolute Foot Care, some of the more common types of problems that they are able to treat are going to include:

  • Sprains and Fractures: Most podiatrists are going to normally see their fair share of these types of injuries, as they are going to directly affect your foot and your ankle.  But they don’t only work with regular foot and ankle sprains, but they are also involved with sports medicine, helping to treat the foot problems that athletes suffer from and how they are able to avoid having these same injuries again.
  • Hammertoes and Bunions: These problems have to do with the bones that are inside your foot.  A bunion is going to be when your big toe joint gets knocked out of place, while a hammertoe is going to be a toe that simply does not bend the right way.

Some of the other conditions that a podiatrist is able to help with include:

  • Nail fungus and other disorders
  • Problems associated with diabetes
  • Arthritis of the foot and the related problems associated with arthritis
  • Growing pains
  • Pain in your hell due to different types of foot problems
  • Morton’s neuroma

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