Signs That You Should Report Your Back Pain Immediately

Back Pain

Everyone follows a different lifestyle and eats food in a different way. These factors contribute a lot to back pain and other body aches. The pain may occur due to lifting objects in the wrong manner, sitting for many hours without a break, walking for a long time, and others. The pain in the spine may cause other health problems and need to be looked after well in time. If the pain lasts longer than a few weeks, you need to seek specialized assistance. Sometimes, you may need to undergo spinal cord stimulation in Eugene to reduce the pain and discomfort. Below mentioned are a few situations in which you must seek medical assistance:

Unexpected Weakness in Legs

If you are experiencing pain in your legs, which has occurred suddenly, and you feel discomfort in walking on your feet, you should get in touch with a medical practitioner. The nerves in the spine may be compressed, which hinders the blood flow in the limbs. That’s why a person feels unexplained weakness in the legs and arms. It may indicate other medical conditions such as spinal stenosis and even a stroke. It is strongly recommended to report this problem to your health care provider.

Disc-related Problems

People tend to ignore a pain in the spine and it aggravates with time. However, it is not a good idea to keep taking painkillers to suppress pain. Mostly, continuous back pain occurs due to disc-related problems such as degenerative disc disease including lumber arthritis. These problems start as a person grows old and are considered wear and tear conditions.

Sharp Pain in the Spine

If you experience sharp pain instead of dull pain, it might be caused due to a torn ligament or muscle. It may occur due to a problem in the internal organ around the spine. Your health care practitioner will be able to diagnose the exact cause of the problem and suggest the best treatment.


If you are unable to control movements of the bowel and bladder, it can be an indication of serious spinal infections or compression. This medical condition should be reported to your doctor so that he can figure out the problem without any further delay.

If you are looking for a specialist in your area, you can contact your friends and family. You can also search on the internet. You should fix an appointment with a specialist rather than a general physician.


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