The Effect of COVID19 in The Life of Smokers


Almost the past two years, the COVID pandemic has entered our lives and taken a toll on it. We have heard the severe risks of COVID to smokers, from capturing and bearing the life-threatening virus, chances are much higher for smokers than that of other people.

The research hasn’t fully approved the concept, but the scenarios have spoken.

How essential is it to get tested early?

Early testing has its own set of benefits and can help the patient fully recover (in most cases). Many organizations have drive-through and on-site specialization for Otsego, MN Covid Testing. Let us zoom into some:

  • Early testing can help those isolate quickly
  • Fewer people are affected due to that individual
  • Reduces disease severity
  • Prevents long-term disability
  • Can lower chances of death

The lungs of smokers are heavily fumed, which may have already led to chronic diseases. This makes the body more receptive towards infections. Almost twice as likely. They also tend to show more symptoms than non-smokers.

How is smoking responsible for increasing your risk?

More than being bedridden for some initial days of catching the covid virus, smokers are more likely to die or be hospitalized in emergency units. This is because they are already prone to cardiovascular heart and circulatory diseases, chronic lung diseases, and diabetes. Smoking also heavily damages the immune system. It is also responsible since smokers tend to touch their face and lips more often than non-smokers.

Can smokers smoke while they have COVID?

While smokers can hardly resist smoking on odd days, coronavirus seems to be so effective that the body does not accept cigarettes very often. It is well-advised by experts not to let the lungs get hampered more since they are in the recovery stage. On the other hand, smoking can act as hurdles in the journey of recovery, and the patient’s lungs may take longer to return to their usual self. Many other diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis can be developed simultaneously as a result of the same.

So what should smokers do to avoid critical scenarios?

Smokers can:

  1. Test early
  2. Keep a count of their antibodies through regular blood checks
  3. Reduce frequency of smoking
  4. Avoid touching face and lips
  5. Throwing buds at safer places to avoid spread to covid
  6. Keep a regular check on oxygen levels
  7. Keep regular checks on blood pressure

Experts have suggested that on-site or drive-through testing is safer and prevents the spread of this deadly disease with fewer touchpoints and human contact. You can call your nearest covid testing laboratories. Ensure you are searching for one that provides same-day results to avoid any mishaps or casualties due to the severity of covid symptoms.


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