You Better Be Prepared: What to Do if Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Plastic Surgery

Human bodies and plastic surgery procedures differ significantly, meaning things may not always go as you planned. There’ve been several cases of people who’ve experienced complications after such an operation and others who aren’t happy with the results. These are the instances you can say that plastic surgery has gone wrong. Unfortunately, only a few understand what to do in such circumstances. The information below expounds further on the subsequent steps after realizing something wrong with your operation, considering the experts offering these services aren’t immune to errors.

Contact Your Surgeon

Many plastic surgery candidates are displeased with the results or experience severe complications and rush into talking to the authorities. However, the first step should be to sit down with your doctor. Dr. Joel Aronowitz and many other surgeons are always willing to understand your feelings about the outcome or the operation’s side effects.

It’s advisable that you be honest about what you feel and how the procedure didn’t satisfy your expectations. At the same time, be open-minded about what the surgeon says about the operation. Try to identify what may have gone wrong and the available solutions.

Patience is Key

You must be willing to take some time to reflect on what conspired before, during, and after your surgery that may have led to your unsatisfied self. Psychologists and mental professionals advise you to be objective without letting fear and anger cloud your judgment. You should realize that such a situation can traumatize you, your family, and even the surgeon.

Nonetheless, you may also come to know that your body may be taking longer to heal, and it gets back to normal with time. Some of the complications and unappealing results may resolve as you heal. It is best to give it adequate time and follow all the recommended recovery steps.

Get a Different Surgeon

Your surgeon may have done something contributing to plastic surgery going wrong, but that isn’t the end of the road, especially if they can’t fix their errors. You should consider finding a new plastic surgery professional to handle any situation. Correcting the mistakes may cost you more money, but you’ll realize its worth after the second operation. Prepare yourself for any reluctance you may encounter from new surgeons who aren’t willing to deal with patients coming in for revision surgery.

File a Complaint

All plastic surgeons must be registered with a medical board where they operate. This registration makes it easy for patients to file claims and medical malpractice complaints while undergoing such essential operations. Filing a complaint with a medical board should come after you’ve talked with your surgeon and confirmed they did something inappropriate or there’s no revision surgery to give you the desired results. Any evidence of surgical malpractice leads the board to take action against the practitioner and follow up on your compensation for personal injury.

A few things can go wrong after plastic surgery. Some of these things can happen immediately after leaving the operating room, while others can take longer for you to identify them. You must know the steps to follow in such instances, regardless of how long it takes. The points above are some of the best actions after plastic surgery goes wrong.


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