A Guide To Getting A Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair Transplant In Turkey

Men suffering from male pattern baldness should look into getting a hair transplant done and this is a great way to not only give men a more youthful look but also to give them their self-confidence back. Going bald is a huge problem for many men and it can affect some people to the point that they suffer from depression and nervousness, which can be debilitating. Interestingly, as many as 9 out of 10 men who suffer from male pattern baldness claim that their balding head is their number one concern, which proves just how destructive this problem can be to sufferers.

However, there is help at hand and even if you are on a limited budget, you may still be able to afford it by going abroad for treatment. Hair transplants are becoming more and more popular and nowadays getting a hair transplant overseas in Turkey is very common, as Turkey is a far cheaper option than getting one done in the US or the UK. While you may have been warned not to travel overseas to have surgery done, hair transplants are different and doctors in Turkey have just as much – if not more – experience with conducting hair transplants compared to their counterparts, as Turkish doctors have been training in the industry for longer.


Prices are far more affordable in Turkey compared to those in the UK and the US:

  • Price in the US/UK: £4000-£15000
  • Price in Turkey: £1800-£3200

As people can get exactly the same, if not a better service in Turkey, it is easy to see why so many head to Turkey to get their transplant done.

Access to Experts

Whenever you have to have surgery done, you need to be sure that you are using an expert and this means that you need to conduct some research before committing to using a particular surgeon or service. In Turkey, doctors are extremely experienced in the hair transplant industry and you should aim to find someone who has around 20 years of experience, which you can do by conducting some research.

Enjoy a Holiday

Turkey is a great part of the world to take a holiday in and if you are getting on a plane and going there for a transplant, then you might want to take a tour around the interesting historical city of Istanbul at the same time.

Below is a summary about why Turkey is such a popular place to get a hair transplant done:

  • It is an affordable option
  • The doctors are experts in the industry
  • You can take a holiday at the same time
  • You have access to state of the art hospitals
  • The quality of the healthcare is high

Many companies that can organise hair transplants in Turkey will also organise other things such as your accommodation and flights, which is a great way to reduce the hassle of going to Turkey to get your transplant done.


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