Angus Cloud Brain Surgery- How did he get that Scar?


Angus Cloud brain surgery was performed when he was a young boy. Unfortunately, the surgery left him with a large scar on his forehead. Angus always hated how it made him look, but he learned to live with it over time. He is grateful that he survived the surgery and that his brain function was not affected in any way.

Angus Cloud brain surgery was a success; he played Fezco in the TV series Euphoria and underwent brain surgery due to a skull fracture. To fix a skull fracture he sustained while filming Euphoria, Angus Cloud underwent brain surgery. Although the narrative behind the scar on his skull is true, it is even more horrifying than the one depicted in the episode.

Does Angus Have Brain Damage?

In an interview with Variety, Angus Cloud talked about his relatively close experience and subsequent brain surgery at 14, which left him with minor brain damage. Angus Cloud, who stars in the HBO series Euphoria, has spoken about how he got a scar on the side of his head. He almost died from a severe injury sustained when he fell into a 10-foot bottomless Construction pit.

The season 2 premiere of Euphoria explained how Fez acquired the scar after unintentionally being struck in the head with his grandmother’s crowbar while attempting to mediate a dispute. Angus’ spot ultimately made it into the show. A journey to a children’s hospital and a 10-foot-deep construction hole are real-world events in Angus’ biography; both events eventually save his life.

How Was Angus Cloud’s Head Scar Acquired?

In an interview with Variety for a new cover story, Angus describes how the very genuine scar on the side of his skull came to be. After splitting off from a group of companions, Angus was wandering by himself in the dark in 2013 when he unintentionally slipped into a construction hole.

I had an accident on Friday the 13th and woke up 12 hours later at the bottom of a ravine. My skull was broken, but mercifully, my skin wasn’t. Therefore all of the bleeding was internal. I was imprisoned, and it took me a while to climb out. It was a difficult journey out, but I managed to make it.

After escaping the ditch, Angus walked back to his mother’s house, where she assumed he was high because of how dilated his pupils were. He tried to tell her what happened but couldn’t finish sentences due to the pain. So he went to sleep in his bed. Angus’ mother thankfully refused to allow him to go to sleep; this action ultimately saved his life. I would have perished, Angus said. As soon as she brought me some water, I started throwing up mouthfuls of horrifying red blood. It was crazy. My life was saved when my mother took me to the children’s hospital.” That is what caused the scar. 

Why is Angus Cloud brain surgery performed?

Angus Cloud brain surgery was performed after he fractured his skull. The surgeons sliced up his head, inserted a plate and screws over the area where he had fractured his skull, and then sealed him back up. Angus Cloud now has a scar on his head as a result of that surgery.” Despite this, Cloud claimed that after only a week in the hospital and a handful of speech and physical therapy sessions, he still occasionally “mixes the front of one word with the rear of the next” and “scribble-scrabbles two words.”

He declared, “The brain is so delicate.” It essentially appeared as though nothing had occurred. I’m incredibly fortunate only to have minor brain damage. You know, it’s not even really worth talking about because it’s so unimportant.”  Angus Cloud brain surgery went very well, and he is now recovering in the hospital. His family would like to thank the surgical team for their excellent care.

How Well Angus Cloud Brain Surgery Is Performed?

This crazy tale represents Angus Cloud’s most public disclosure of his private life to date. Angus Cloud brain surgery went extremely well. His friends and family are relieved that he is now recovering well.

The casting director essentially pulled him from the street to play the now-favorite role in Euphoria. In other interviews, he has been guarded about his privacy. “It’s annoying that people attempt to investigate my entire life.” Man, can you stop,” I say. Let it be, like,” he said to In the Know. Unfortunately for him, each new revelation about his life only increases my interest.


Even if there may be similarities between Cloud and Fez, Cloud wants everyone to understand that he is not just acting. It’s not that easy, he said. “I gave the character a lot of myself. You can have any belief. I have nothing to do with it.” As the new face of Polo by Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Cloud, who made his acting debut in Euphoria, is also entering the fashion world. He is the face of the most recent digital ad campaign honoring the famous scents Polo Green, Polo Red, and Polo Blue.

Cloud has always been a passionate supporter of Polo Ralph Lauren and has amassed over 200 shirts bearing the recognizable pony insignia. Fezco can also be seen wearing Polo shirts on television, drawing another comparison between Cloud’s everyday life and his character.

Whenever I went to a secondhand shop, Cloud remarked, “I would grab everything with a Polo pony on it. The beginning of it all—collecting Polo ponies—came when I realized I had not even worn a t-shirt in a few months.


 Angus Cloud brain surgery was performed a few years ago, and the scar is still visible on his head. He was fortunate to have survived the surgery, and he credits the doctors with saving his life. Even though it was a scary experience, Angus says he’s grateful for what happened because it made him more substantial and appreciative of life. 

Angus Cloud brain surgery was successful, and he made a full recovery. Angus is grateful for the excellent care he received from the surgeons and nurses at the hospital. He is also fortunate that his insurance covered most of the cost of his treatment.

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