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The life of Mimi Keene before surgery is going viral on the internet. Mimi Keene is rumored to have had plastic surgery, but it’s not clear if that’s true. Some fans assume she had a nose job or lip fillers, but we can’t be sure. We can say that Mimi looks fantastic after the show, and her success is undeniable!

In Laurie Nunn’s comedy-drama series “Sex Education” on Netflix, Mimi Keene, a British actress of Italian origin, plays Ruby Matthews. In September, the program was just renewed for a third season. Based on what we know, Mimi Keene never underwent plastic surgery.

Sex Education is a significant hit worldwide; viewers are massive supporters of Mimi Keene and the recent plot twist resulting from the personal encounter between Asa Butterfield’s role, Otis Milburn, and Ruby. Fans expected to witness that.

Ruby’s current crush is Otis, and after the two end up in bed, everyone is smitten with their relationship. As you can see, Mimi Keene is a massive hit outside of the show, so it stands to reason that anyone who sees even the slightest difference in the 23-year-old actress will be noticed. Some of her fans believe she had cosmetic procedures but is this the case?

The Early life of Mimi Keene:

Here is the biography of Mimi Keene before surgery. Mimi Keene, an English actress, was born in Hertfordshire on August 5, 1998. She is 24 years old. She is one of the Sex Education cast members who is the youngest. Her most well-known performances include Ruby Matthews in the Netflix series Sex Education and Cindy Williams in the BBC serial drama East Enders. She is a petite woman who is about 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Mimi frequently wears enormous heels in Sex Education, which gives the impression that she is much taller. Mimi can compete with Simone Ashley and other taller co-stars despite her height.

Educational life of Mimi Keene:

Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts is where Mimi Keene studied. She enrolled when she was 11 years old in 2009 and graduated in 2014. After college, she began appearing in British theaters as an actor.

Professional career of Mimi Keene:

Mimi Keene is a child actress who began her career on stage in 2010. She made her debut playing the role of Janey in the play Kin at The Royal Court Theatre. In 2013, she made her first appearance on TV as herself in the Series School of Stars. That year, she also appeared in four other television shows – Sadie J, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, Taboo, and So Awkward.

Ruby, played by Mimi Keene, has emerged as one of the series’ most important characters by the third season. Ruby Matthews, the leader of “The Untouchable,” which comprises the most popular students at Moordale Secondary School, has also publicly drawn attention to herself.

In 2013, she briefly appeared in the EastEnders pilot as Jade Dawes. Mimi secured a recurring role on BBC’s EastEnders the following year and played Cindy Williams from 2013 to 2015. During that time she also appeared in one episode of Casualty in 2016.

Mimi Keene did not have any TV roles between 2017 and 2019. Instead, she played the roles of Megan in The Escape (a 2017 short film), Claire in Close (a 2019 film), and Young Edith Bratt in Tolkien (a 2019 film). Mimi Keene appeared at an audition for a part in the 2019 Netflix series Sex Education in 2017.

Who did Mimi Keene play in Eastenders?

From 2013 until 2015, Mimi Keene portrayed Cindy Williams in the venerable UK serial opera EastEnders. Peter Beale and Lucy Beale’s half-sister Cindy is the daughter of Cindy Beale. Beth, Cindy’s daughter, is a young mother. Cindy’s storyline ended in 2015 when Mimi left EastEnders and moved to Germany.

Who plays Ruby in Sex Education?

Mimi Keene in Sex Education portrays Ruby Matthews. Ruby leads the Untouchables gang at Moordale Secondary School like a boss. Ruby, along with her classmates Olivia and Anwar, is one of the school’s most fashionable pupils.

She is best friends with Otis Milburn in season 2 and starts secretly meeting up with him in season 3 before making their relationship public. In season 4, Mimi will return as Ruby. Mimi Keene has played the role of Ruby in Sex Education since 2019. She has appeared in all 24 episodes, and the series is now in its third season. The fourth season is currently being produced.

Personal life:

Mimi Keene is not married. In addition, the actress has been reticent to discuss her romantic life. Unlike other celebrities who discuss their relationships on Instagram, Mimi doesn’t appear to have any posts on her profile about a purported partner.

The actress is good friends with many of her male co-stars. She often posts pictures on social media of herself having fun with them. Mimi is also close friends with Matthew Lautman; they have been called siblings and best friends.

This shows that the two are not dating and that Mimi is still single in 2022. Mimi Keene is a stylish and confident young woman whose quick wit and sharp sense of humor have won her many friends – including Otis Milburn. Mimi is fiercely loyal to the people she cares about and always puts their needs first. She’s also an excellent listener, which makes her a great friend. Although she can be guarded at times, Mimi is ultimately a very caring person who wants nothing more than to see those around her happy and prosperous.

Social Media Account:

Mimi Keene’s Instagram handle is mimikeene3. The actress is an influencer on social media with over 3.9 million Instagram followers, where she frequently writes about her activities. Her Twitter handle is @mimikeene3. Mimi hasn’t posted many pictures from the past year, but you can find many behind-the-scenes pictures of her and the other Sex Education cast members on her grid. Her fans are curious to learn more about the life of Mimi Keene before surgery, but no one exactly knows what happened.

Mimi Keene Love pets:

Do you love small dogs? If so, you’ll want to follow Mimi Keene on Instagram. She’s a huge small dog lover whose account is filled with pictures of her holding adorable little pups. She owns at least two small dogs and enjoys exploring the world with them. Keene adores animals and even persuaded the Sex Education producers to include her dog in the show. There is also a tonne of lovely pet photos and stunning selfies.

Rumors about Mimi Keene before surgery:

There are many rumors about the life of Mimi Keene before surgery. There has been criticism of Mimi Keene’s appearance, with some saying she appears to have had a breast augmentation and her lips altered. However, some of her followers say this is simply the result of maturing or makeup sculpting the chest area. It is not yet clear whether these rumors are true.

There is no confirmation that Mimi underwent breast surgery. However, there have been numerous theories about how she may have done so. Some believe she was naturally gifted with a majestic figure and body, while others think plastic surgery may blame her slightly altered appearance.

Viewers of Sex Education realized that Mimi Keene was quite different. There are many speculations about the life of Mimi Keene before surgery, but no one knows what happened. There have been theories on how Mimi Keene could have had her lips restored. Because Mimi has continued appearing since the third season, viewers have learned more about her life. The rumors regarding her body started at that point.

The life of Mimi Keene before surgery is the subject of numerous rumors. There are several hypotheses for why Mimi might have had breast augmentation. Mimi hasn’t yet voiced her stance on the subject, though. Additionally, there isn’t enough evidence that Mimi carried out the operation. She has a majestic shape and body that seems to be a blessing.

The fan following her is interested to know about the life of Mimi Keene before surgery. Some fans have speculated that the actress may have had minor botox or lip enhancement surgery, as her face looks slightly different. However, these are only speculations, and no solid evidence supports this claim.

Net worth:

Mimi Keene has been working as an actress since 2010. She has appeared in several TV series and accumulated wealth from her roles. However, her exact net worth is not known to the public. However, many sources claim that Mimi Keene is worth $2 million.


Mimi Keene was born in Hertfordshire on August 5, 1998. She is a British actress best known for her roles as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education and Cindy Williams in EastEnders The life of Mimi Keene before surgery Is an inspiring story of courage and determination. Mimi Keene never gave up on her dreams and always strove to be the best person she could be.

Mimi Keene neither underwent cosmetic surgery nor any other type of augmentation. Although there is no evidence to support the claim, some believe that Mimi Keene may have had plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. While she may have undergone such procedures, there is no concrete proof that this is the case. Whether or not she has had cosmetic surgery, Mimi Keene remains a beautiful and talented young woman.

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