Beauty or Beast: The Truth about Amanda Staveley Face Surgery


Amanda Staveley face surgery is becoming popular on the internet. According to recent reports, Amanda Staveley has allegedly undergone facial surgery to improve her appearance. The procedures said to have been performed include Botox injections and a facelift. 

Amanda Staveley is a British entrepreneur who has significant Middle Eastern ties. She was instrumental in both the Saudi-Arabian consortium’s purchase of Newcastle United and a considerable investment in Barclays Bank.

For the last four years, Amanda Staveley has been trying to acquire Newcastle United Football Club as part of a Saudi Arabia-backed group. Ultimately, she successfully confirmed the £300 million takeover this week. Staveley and her PCP Capital Partners company are set to take a 10% share in the football club as part of an agreement, and she will join the board of directors. 

Media outlets report that British business executive Amanda Staveley is in the limelight because of her illness. However, little information is available about what exactly she is suffering from.


Amanda Staveley was born on April 11, 1973. This means she is 48 years old. Amanda has gorgeous eyes, which are a noticeable feature of hers. Amanda Staveley is the daughter of landowner Robert Staveley. As a youngster, she worked as a server and occasionally modeled and showed jumps with her mother. Amanda attended Queen Margaret’s School in York before dropping out at 16 to participate in a cram school. She later earned a place to study modern languages at Cambridge University’s St Catharine’s College. Amanda used to participate in show jumping and sports when she was younger.

Rumors about Amanda Staveley Face Surgery:

A rumor is going around that Amanda Staveley face surgery. This rumor is gaining traction rapidly as more and more people are talking about it. While there is no official confirmation of the words, they certainly seem plausible given how much attention she has been getting in recent months.

There would be no confirmation if Amanda Staveley underwent plastic surgery on her face. However, there have been rumors circulating that suggest she did. Some netizens believe that her facial shape has changed over time, with some minor differences noticeable. 

It seems that Amanda Staveley plastic surgery is all the rage these days. But is it true? Some reports claim that she’s had a nose job, a facelift, and even breast implants. The changes in Amanda’s face are so drastic that people gossip about her undergoing surgery. 

What Happened To Amanda Staveley Face?

Several reports have been circulating that Amanda Staveley has recently undergone plastic surgery. Amanda Staveley face surgery is becoming a hot topic on the internet because of her facial changes. Some say her face looks different, and she may have had surgery to make herself look more like a cat. However, Amanda has not commented on these allegations nor confirmed or denied them. There are also claims that she has crossed her eyes – but again, there is no confirmation of this. So far, we know that Amanda hasn’t spoken up about any changes to her appearance.

Amanda Staveley Disease:

People with Huntington’s disease will eventually develop the disease because it is a dominant condition. According to a report published by The Sun, Staveley was diagnosed with Huntington’s in 2013. People with Huntington’s experience changes in mood, including melancholy, anxiety, and irritability. The condition commonly occurs between 30 and 50 but can start as early as two or later than age eight.

A rumor about Amanda Staveley face surgery is popular on the internet. Some people think she had surgery to improve her looks, while others think she had surgery because of an injury. No one knows for sure what happened, but the rumor.

Amanda Staveley Personal Life:

The managing partner of his wife’s business, PCP Capital Partners LLP, and Amanda’s life partner, Mehrdad Ghodoussi, is a self-employed businessman. Before he took over as managing partner of her company in late 2009, Staveley and her future husband had already met. Over time, due to her facial changes, many of the people that Amanda Staveley face surgery are performed.

Mehrdad’s age is unknown, but he was born in 1971, so by 2022, he will be 51 Mehrdad has a long and successful history in business, which makes him an excellent fit to be the owner of Newcastle United. He has been a director for Consensus Business Group and Deloitte Corporate Finance, gaining invaluable experience. Additionally, Mehrdad is the managing partner of PCP Capital Partner LLP, so he knows how to run a successful business. In 2021, he became Newcastle United’s co-owner, leading them to success on and off the field.

Amanda Staveley’s net worth:

As of 2022, Amanda Staveley is believed to have a net worth of $170 million. She was instrumental in the Abu Dhabi royal family’s investment in Barclays and the purchase of Manchester City football club, netting her £50 million.


There is no doubt that Amanda Staveley has undergone a radical change in her appearance thanks to surgery. A rumor about Amanda Staveley face surgery is popular on the internet. Some might say she’s gone too far, but it is up to each individual to decide what they think looks best. What is clear, however, is that she looks fantastic and confident with her new look – which can only be a good thing for her career.

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