Do Screen Glasses help from eradicating Progressive Vision Loss?

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Screen glasses help significantly towards helping with modern eye problems and improve your vision. The millennial generation understands the need for screen glasses more than anyone but now every age group is getting equally suffering. There’s no denial in seeing an increased rate of modern eye problems occurring among all age groups and the major cause of these problems are due to screens. Our life is getting more integrated towards digital devices, we are glued to our smartphones or tablets almost all day, not only the young adults but the younger teens and kids are also busy watching extensive hours of T.V or web on their tablets.

Though these devices have brought several cherished moments of fun and entertainment in our lives but our overuse has caused several negative impacts on the eyes. Once we start to experience discomfort, they don’t leave immediately and continue to cause us more inconvenience. Read on to find out the common type of eye condition and how we can treat them with the use of Screen glasses also known as screen protector for glasses.

What are the common eye conditions we are experiencing nowadays?

We are majorly experiencing modern eye problems which are caused by the use of excessive digital devices. Our digital devices like computers, laptops or smartphones have started to create common but unbearable visual discomfort like eye strain, dry-eyes, headaches, burning sensation, itchiness and many more. We often experience just when we start to use devices even for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours and we have to drop or work and take frequent breaks so that our eyes can rest. Many times the situation becomes so unbearable that it’s difficult to open our eyes.

All these visual discomforts are caused by harmful blue light rays that are high energy visible light. Blue light rays are emitted from the Sun, LED lights and our digital screens and its absorption initiates such painful visual effects. Blue light rays penetrate directly into the retina of our eyes and create a great number of negative impacts that may seem small at first but progressive to be a serious threat. Blue light rays also impact our sleeping pattern by suppressing the release of the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. All these difficult patterns in our lifestyle cause big hurdles in our workflow and impact productivity. The only solution that remains is either stop using screens but then that’s not possible because we just can’t. Hence eradicating the root problem helps greatly towards getting rid of blue light rays, with the help of Screen glasses.

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How do Screen Glasses improve our vision?

Once you start to use screens for hours, the absorption starts to cause complexities that are not only difficult to manage at present but you are also on the verge of developing permanent vision problems as well. Screen glasses help efficiently in that situation. Screen glasses online are coated with anti-reflective properties that eradicate 99.9% of blue light penetration. Once you reflect or block out harmful blue light rays from getting absorbed in the eye, you diminish the chances of forming any progressive damage. Screen glasses not only bring great comfort by reducing various sight discomfort but also create a protective environment for further protection.

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