Importance of Eye Check-Ups

Eye Check-Ups

You could be taking your children to see an optometrist regularly, but when did you last have your eyes checked? When getting your annual physical exam, you are likely to neglect the eyes, but they are an essential part of the body, which should be regularly checked. You could seek the services of Frankfort optometrist experts near you to check the condition of your eyes. They will make sure that you can see for many years to come and give you a general insight into your overall health. Even if your eyesight could be perfect, it might not indicate that your eyes are healthy as many factors could affect eye health.

Why You Need To See an Optometrist Regularly

Kids should frequently see an optometrist as some might not know signs of eye problems; for instance, if your child has trouble learning in school, it could be an eye issue that needs immediate medical attention. Moreover, young adults might need an eye check-up after two years, but they could have their eyes checked annually as they grow old. Old age could come with vision problems. Furthermore, people with a history of eye issues like glaucoma and other conditions like diabetes are predisposed to eye problems. Additionally, if you work in an environment that you could strain for an extended period, it could help if you frequently check your eyes.

Why You Should See an Eye Specialist

  •       Updating prescription glasses

If you have vision problems, it could help to get prescription glasses that help correct eye issues; however, you might need to renew the glasses as the eye condition changes from time to time. You could know that you need a new pair of glasses when you start straining, getting the blurred vision, and eye fatigue. Migraines and squinting could be a sign that your glasses are obsolete and they need renewal.

  •       Checking normal visual changes

Anytime you have vision changes, such as blurred vision or trouble seeing, you should see a doctor who will help diagnose eye changes. Eye changes happen randomly, and you might not know their cause unless you get a proper diagnosis at your optometrist’s office. For instance, dry eyes could result from straining due to prolonged periods on your devices.

  •       Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes during pregnancy could affect vision; when checking for other health parameters during pregnancy, it could help to have your eyes assessed. During pregnancy, you could have increased curvature on the cornea due to water retention, and it could affect vision. It may be best to avoid new prescriptions during pregnancy as eye changes are typically attributed to hormones’ shifts.

  •       Blurry eyes

If you have blurry eyes, they could be checked by an optometrist first, indicating other underlying medical conditions. Low blood sugar and diabetes could result in blurry vision, and your optometrist will refer you to other specialists who treat the underlying conditions.

The Bottom Line

Your eyes help you make sense of the world, and it is wise to have them checked by your optometrist. An optometrist could help you maintain the best eye health and treat many eye conditions. They could also refer you to other specialists who treat underlying conditions that affect the eyes.


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