Sydney Orthotics for Foot Problems

Orthotics for Foot Problems

Sometimes, when you walk a great distance or run for a long time, you tend to suffer from feet aches. This normally happens with those of you who are not in the daily habit of walking or running and sometimes with athletes. There are also times when you may feel feet pains due to improper shoes. Whatever be the cause, visiting a doctor or more precisely a podiatrist, should help you a lot. It is true that sometimes a simple shoe insert may help you a lot overcome such aches. However, it mainly depends on the type of problem that you face, which also determines the need to opt for an orthotic.

What Is An Insert?

Inserts are readily available at various stores without the need of any prescription. These can provide proper support and cushioning to your feet. Orthotic Solutions Sydney Orthotics inserts are normally made of various materials such as plastic, foam or even gel. These go right inside your shoes and fit in nicely. However, these are not custom-made for individual feet. Inserts are great at providing some additional cushioning to your heel or arch support. These are good for the region around your toes and your entire feet. Although inserts may make your shoes more comfortable, these are not designed to correct your specific foot problems.

What Are Orthotics?

On the other hand, orthotics are different from inserts. These are always prescribed by your doctor and happen to be medical devices that are supposed to be worn inside your shoes and are meant to correct any type of biomechanical problems with your foot. These may include problems pertaining to the way you stand, walk or even run. Orthotics are also good at correcting foot pain that are caused by various medical conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes, and bursitis. Orthotics can also save you the trouble of undergoing surgery in order to fix flat feet.

Types of Orthotics

There are various types of orthotics. These are described below for your benefit.

  • Functional Or Rigid Orthotics: These are made from either carbon fiber or plastic. These are ideally suited for dress shoes or walking shoes that come with low heels and closed toes. Functional or rigid orthotics are especially designed to reduce foot strains or aches, along with aches in your thighs, lower back, and legs.
  • Accommodative Or Soft Orthotics: These are made from various types of soft compression materials. Soft or accommodative orthotics are designed to provide proper cushioning to help get rid of pressure from various sore or uncomfortable spots that may be due to several conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers or plantar fasciitis. Due to their bulk, you may be prescribed to wear soft orthotics with a prescription footwear.

It is needless to say that orthotics cost more than inserts. However, you may put it this way. When you get an orthotic, you actually get a medical evaluation of the problem with your feet. It will be of a much higher quality than inserts and will also last for a pretty long time.


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