Why Should You Get A Genetic Screening Test Done in Winter Park?

Genetic Screening

Gene mutation, gene disorders, and other such genetic issues are quite common issues today, and if not diagnosed early, then they can cause serious disorders in the later years. Hence, healthcare institutions have come up with the idea of conducting a gene-screening test to check the possibilities of gene mutation in the future of the interested candidates and their children.

The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Winter Park is the best-known center for gene screening. Pregnant women, adults belonging to all ages, and people with a history of some genetic disorders in the family can get the screening done in this Winter Park genetic testing center. You can book an appointment today to get yourself tested.

Types of Genetic Testing

Here are some of the types of genetic testing.

Molecular Tests

These tests are conducted to check the DNA building block order in an individual. The tests include further tests such as –

  1. Targeted single variant
  2. Single gene
  3. Gene panel
  4. Whole-genome and exome sequencing

Chromosomal Tests

These tests are conducted to check the large-scale changes that may occur in the lengths of DNA in the future years.

Gene Expression Tests

These tests are conducted to check whether the expression of any particular gene is turned off in the gene pool.

Benefits of Genetic Screening

Genetic screening can easily shed light on the genetic hereditary of any individual. Here are some of the benefits of genetic screening tests.

Screening of the Newborn

This test is conducted on newborns to make sure that there are no genetic abnormalities in their DNA sequence.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is conducted to check the working mechanism of the chromosomes in an individual. Some of the physical symptoms or signs can be the signs of some gene disorders, and diagnostic testing can confirm such doubts.

With the help of genetic testing, many doubts and queries will be cleared and answered. The couples that are trying to start their family can confirm whether they are healthy enough to bring another life to their family sequence, and the people with some genetic disorders in their family history can make sure whether they are also susceptible to the disorder or not.

The results of the genetic testing can help the person to take the necessary step towards their future and also to start the necessary treatments if required. The same goes for newborn testing too. Hence, decide today and get yourself tested.


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