Know About Fue Hair Transplant In India


As you know, there are new types of surgical methods that have been developing to enhance the style and get a great personality. When it comes to your look, the overall personality is considered to judge a person, figure, height, face, and on the top of the hairstyle. Men are more concerned about their hairstyle nowadays, but some men fail in this test due to a common problem known as baldness. This is not a disease rather a natural phenomenon of falling of hairs in men when they enter the age of 30. Different other surgical methods have been developed to sort out this problem and this is known as Fue hair transplant in IndiaBut, you must be curious to know what does this treatment means?

What does an FUE hair transplant mean?

The full form of FUE is follicular hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is a proven medical procedure that helps in improving men’s personality and appearance. In a hair transplant surgery, receding thin or bald areas are covered with the hairs harvested from the donor region. Before the surgery starts, local anesthesia is applied on the back portion of the head so the pain is minimal.

What are the phases included in the hair transplant surgery?

The surgery has three phases.

  • Harvesting phase- The first stage is called the harvesting phase. One hair follicle is taken at a time using a microsurgery device. These hair follicles are then implanted one by one. Those hair follicles are kept in an advanced storage solution known as hypo-thermistor to achieve maximum graft survival rate. After they finished harvesting the necessary amount of hair graft from the donor region, they then proceed to the second stage f the surgery.
  • Opening channel- In this phase, the doctor applies a glue-like substance carefully on those areas where the hair follicles are to be transplanted. This part is known as the most crucial phase as in this, the doctors need to carefully place the hair in the right place and at the correct depth. During this process, the patient is given a higher dose of anesthesia as it pains the most in the whole process. To prevent severe pain, the patient is injected with local anesthesia. This process requires proper planning as in the next process.
  • Implantation phase- In this phase, the hair follicles are implanted on the open channels of the recipient zone one by one. This phase is also vital because the hair follicles should be implanted in such a way that it should look natural on the hairlines and dense. After the implantation is finished, they spray a sterile saline solution on the head of the patient to provide a nutrient buffered environment for cells experiencing environmental stress. This solution also prevents inflammation like symptoms.

There are various dietary supplements that they use to regain the most precious part of their personality. Fue hair transplant in India is easily available in many medicals and if you want to get back your natural personality, then you can consult with your doctor regarding this treatment.


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