The Perfect Tantric Massage Options As Per the Choices


Tantra has always been an esoteric way, not out of a taste for mystery or to scare the uninitiated. It is that it requires an initiation, and that this is and will remain incomprehensible to the uninitiated.

The Best Tantric Details

Tantra plunges us into the heart of the intimate, the sexual energy and the sacred, all these infinitely powerful things that have driven more than one crazy. It is therefore the responsibility of teachers to support apprentices and to ensure, at a minimum, that they do not go astray by becoming dangerous for others or for themselves, by risking being lost.

It is no coincidence that other ways have preferred to banish and carefully avoid everything related to sexual energy, desire and power in their quest. Dual pathways saw evil there! And that may be rightly when we see the use that some people make of it! These are very powerful energies that can make us lose control and of which we risk becoming slaves. Among novice tantrikas as elsewhere, we meet people allegedly liberated sexually who are in fact only slaves of their impulses.

And just as you don’t give a child a weapon, you don’t take the risk of waking up these energies without initiation and support.

  • In traditional martial arts, for example, masters do not teach deadly blows to bellicose beginners. We will first ask them to clean the Dojo endlessly. The less motivated will leave quickly and the others will use their first enthusiasm. So those who have shown the qualities necessary for the evolution in the practice of their martial art (patience, respect, discernment, listening …) will be able to receive a more advanced teaching of the art in question.
  • Likewise in Tantra, it will first be necessary to integrate the qualities and values ​​necessary for evolution into the practice of Tantra before confronting these powerful energies which have turned the head in more than one.

The prerequisites for giving a real massage

  • For the tantric massage to deploy in all its dimensions, the masseur must have acquired a certain number of prerequisites.
  • Before going further, he can (or he will) be able to move forward on these few tracks, work on them, confront them before deploying.
  • A good masseur should be comfortable with his own body. He will have to know it, practice it, take care of it, as in the different forms of Tantric Yoga or Hatha Yoga for example.

He will have to get to know himself as a sexual being, at ease with his masculine and feminine, whether male or female. And thus realize the inner Hierogamos marriage. He should be able to develop brotherhood or sisterhood, and at the same time seek to love the other sex better.


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